Snöball Social Share

Lineup Ninja can integrate Snöball in two ways. You can integrate the ‘Snöball Social Widget’, documented on this page, and you can publish your agenda to Snöball, which you can learn about here

Integrating the ‘Snöball Social Widget’ into a Submission Flow enables you to offer an opportunity to a submitter to share their excitement about having a submission accepted on their social channels. You do this by adding a Button to the page and configuring that button to open the Social Share Widget.

This guide will show you how to configure this promotion. You can use any working and layout you would like

An example Snöball configuration An example Snöball configuration

Before you start you will need a Project ID from Snöball. This will link the button to the correct campaign.

Add a group. If your stage already has a group you would like to add a button to you can skip this step.

  • Click ‘+ Add Group’
  • Hover over the newly added Group and click the pencil icon and make the following changes
    • Set the ‘Type’ to ‘Featured’
    • Set a appropriate ‘Title’
    • Set choose a color
    • Set the ‘Arrangement’ to ‘Items in a column’
    • Press ‘OK’

Hover over the group and click ‘+’ the ‘+ Add Text’

  • Add some text that will encourage the user to click the share button

Now hover over the ‘New Button’ (or add a new button if you are configuring an existing group) and click the edit icon

  • Edit the ‘Button’ and change the text to something appropriate
  • In the ‘When Pressed Perform these actions’ click the ‘+’ then then choose ‘Snöball Social Share Widget’ from the first column and input the project ID you have received from Snöball in the second column. Save the action with the green tick
  • Press ‘Ok’ to dismiss the content

Now test the button but creating a test submission and move it into the stage with the new button and give it a press.

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