Awards Submission Flows

In this section, we will explore how to set up a Submission Flow to collect your Submissions, or Entries, from submitters.

How do I create a new Submission Flow?

When viewing an event, click on  Submission Flows on the left-hand menu.

This brings you to the Submission Flows home page. The first item on this page is a list of Submission Flows associated with the event.

To create a new flow,  click . This will open a pop-up to configure your flow.

  1. Flow Name - This name will be shared with submitters in email templates but can be changed within the templates if needed.
  2. Deadline - This is optional. If you choose to set one, it will prevent the creation of new submissions, or the completion of draft submissions after the date. This can be configured or changed later.
  3. Workflow - This is the type of Submission Flow you would like to create. For an Awards Submission Flow you will want to click ‘Awards Entries
  4. Once you are happy, just click ‘Create Flow

For more information about Managing Submission Flows, follow this link.​

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