What is a Session?

In Lineup Ninja, a Session is basically just a block of time that gets scheduled in a specific location and time slot. It can have a variety of data associated to it:

  • Speaker(s) profile data
  • Session title
  • Description
  • Track (theme)
  • A duration
  • A required capacity (i.e. minimum capacity for the room or stage where the session will be scheduled)
  • A list of physical resources required to deliver it
  • Uploaded files (academic papers, slide decks, images)
  • Scheduling rules that can govern when it may or may not be scheduled (very handy)
  • Labels (useful for distinguishing between oral presentations and round-table sessions, or the language the session will be conducted in)

Once a Session has been scheduled, it will also have:

  • Location
  • Date, time
  • Information about whether there are any scheduling problems (clashes/double booking etc)
  • Information about whether the speaker(s) has been notified of the proposed time, and has confirmed that they’ve seen this

How do I create and manage Sessions?

To manually create a Session:

  1. Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions
  2. Click  to add a new session

You can also create a session via Submissions Flows:

  1. Invite people to propose sessions via a Call for Papers Submission Flow
  2. Review and choose the submissions you wish to accept
  3. Create a Session from the Submission by navigating into the submission name and click ‘Create Session/Speakers’. Alternatively, you can do this in bulk by selecting the submission using the tick box on the left-hand side, scrolling to the ‘Actions’ drop down and selecting ‘Create Session/Speakers’.

How do I invite a speaker to deliver a session?

  1. Create a session
  2. Click on the session name to navigate into the Session Detail view
  3. Scroll down and click on ‘Invite Submission
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

How do I schedule a Session in my agenda?

  1. Navigate to  Agenda Planning
  2. The right-hand column shows any unscheduled Sessions
  3. Drag and drop a Session from this list onto the Agenda Planning board
  4. Locations and times that are valid scheduling options for the session will appear white. Invalid options will be greyed out

For a detailed introduction to scheduling Sessions, check out the Scheduling guide.

How do I edit the default session duration and changeover time?

  1.    Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions
  2. Scroll to ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the Sessions list
  3. Click  next to Default Duration/Default Changeover Time to edit

How do I change a Session’s duration?

To update an individual Session:

  1.    Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions
  2. Click on  next to the session you wish to change
  3. Edit the duration

To update Session lengths in bulk:

  1. Navigate to  Sessions
  2. Filter the table to show the Sessions you want to update
  3. Select the Sessions using the tick box in the heading or on the left-hand side
  4. Scroll to the ‘Actions’ drop down and select ‘Update Session Durations

How do I keep notes for internal use about a session?

  1.    Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions and click on the Session’s title
  2. In the Session Detail view there is a ‘Notes’ field for internal notes

How do I set the expected number of attendees for a Session? / How do I set the minimum venue capacity required for a given Session?

  1.    Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions
  2. Click into the Session you want to change
  3. Edit the ‘Required Capacity’ field by clicking 

How do I manage Session booking?

Lineup Ninja doesn’t currently manage Session bookings. If you require this, we can offer this via integrations with our partners, such as Eventscase or Guidebook.

How do I copy Sessions within the same event?

For more information on how to copy Sessions, follow this link.

How do I copy Sessions from one event to another?

Coming soon!

How do I delete Sessions?

  1.    Navigate to Agenda Planning  >  Sessions
  2. Click  at the end of the Session row and then click 
  3. To bulk delete sessions, select the session using the tick box on the left-hand side, scroll to the ‘Actions’ drop down and select ‘Delete Sessions

Use with caution: This cannot be undone!

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