Agenda Planning

The Agenda Planning portion of Lineup Ninja is where you create your speakers, sessions, locations and tracks (or themes), schedule your sessions and breaks, and then integrate onwards into the world!

Features of Agenda Planning include:

  • Smart scheduling to align with availability set by speakers and the structure of your programme
  • Speaker confirmation to ensure your speakers know where and when their session is scheduled
  • Tracks to thematically group sessions and to ensure sessions take place in the correct locations
  • Resource management to help deliver sessions
  • Publication of your agenda to the Lineup Ninja Agenda Website app and digital signage
  • Integration to a multitude of platforms

Agenda Planning Board

Learn about the Agenda Planning Board and its many functions.


(AKA stages, rooms, venues etc)


AKA presenters, authors, nominees, entrants, artists, acts


AKA presentations, talks, abstracts, workshops, round-tables, demos etc


AKA themes, topics, categories, genres


These are any physical resources required in the session

Publish Agenda

Learn how to publish your Agenda

Integrate Agenda

Learn how to integrate your agenda with other event tech

Agenda Reports

Learn how to generate a report for agenda

Print Agenda

How to print your agenda

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