Submission Flows

Also known as Call for Papers, Call for Speakers, Abstract Submission, Abstract Management, Artist Submissions, Entry Submission, Nomination Management, and many other names! In Lineup Ninja we refer to the process as a Submission Flow.

Call for Papers & Speaker Invitations

Content gathering processes for conferences and events tend to fall into one of two main categories:

  1. Call for papers / speakers: an open call for event content.
  2. Speaker invitations: a curated program with hand-picked speakers for specific sessions.

Large events may run a call for papers for one part of the program, and speaker invitations for another.

Call for Papers

In a Call for Papers / Speakers, you create an open invitation for speakers to propose topics. This is the most common process for scientific and medical conferences.

Here’s a high-level explanation of how Call for Papers flows work in Lineup Ninja:

Speaker Invitations

You may prefer to exert more editorial control by writing your own session titles and then inviting specific speakers to deliver them. This is a common process for B2B events and trade shows, where there is a greater likelihood of speakers using a call for papers as a way to get on stage to pitch their products and services.

Here’s a high-level explanation of how Speaker Invitation flows work in Lineup Ninja:


You can also use Lineup Ninja to manage awards. Here’s a quick overview of how it works: