Submission Numbering

How are submissions numbered?

To help you reference submissions with a short identifier they are given a number when created. This starts with 1 and then goes from there.

Each flow will start the count from 1. To ensure identifiers are different for each flow a ‘Submission ID Prefix’ will be added to the number.

For example if the prefix is ‘ACME-’ and the submission number is 12, then the submission will be numbered ‘ACME-12’

How do I show the submission number in the list of submissions?

The number for the submission is not shown by default in the list of submissions. To add it, click  in the top right-hand corner, then click the eye next to the ‘Submission Number’ field to add it.

How do I change the submission id prefix?

  • Navigate to  Submissions
  • Click on the name of the submission flow
  • Set the value for ‘Submission id prefix

Flows created after 31st August 2023 will have a prefix given to the flow automatically, flows from before this date will not automatically have a prefix, you can add one if needed.

Is the submission number included in the submission reports?

Yes, the number is included in the ‘Submission Number’ column. To change the order of the columns configure a custom report.

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