How to I add Grip data to Lineup Ninja?

How do I find the Grip Type ID for my data?

In the Grip interface select your event then browse to ‘Data Types’ / ‘Type Settings’.

The type id is one of the columns on the page. Copy this into the configuration in Lineup Ninja.

How do I set the name of imported data in Grip

When you import data from Grip into Lineup Ninja the records will be show the ‘Name’ of the Thing in Grip. You may wish to include additional information, such as Company Name, or Job Title to help you find the correct record.

To do this edit the Grip Data Source configuration and set the value for ‘Name Format’. You can use the following place holders. They map directly to the fields in Grip.

  • {{name}} - The full name of the Thing
  • {{first_name}}
  • {{last_name}}
  • {{job_title}}
  • {{company_name}}
  • {{job_industry}}
  • {{headline}}

So for example if you could set a Name Format of

{{name}} is {{job_title}} at {{company_name}}

Which will cause imported data to look like similar to this

Gordon Johnston is Director at Lineup Ninja

You can update the Name Format at any time. If you make a change then re-run a Fetch to update any imported data.