Speaker Roles

What are speaker roles?

At your event your sessions may comprise speakers and staff in a variety of roles. For example you might have a panel discussion session, consisting of a Chair, some Panelists, and a Moderator to run the QA process. A chair might also be a panelist for a different session, we’ll make sure you don’t schedule both their sessions at the same time!

Lineup Ninja helps you organize your speakers in this way, from the initial gathering of the Call For Papers through to managing your agenda. This page is a quick run through how to configure your event with multiple roles.

How do I create a speaker role?

To add a role to your event navigate to the ‘Speakers’ menu item. You will find a table at the bottom of the page. Click the + to add a new role and then you can drag the roles into a priority order which will affect the order the speakers are shown in your agenda.

What do speaker roles look like in the interface?

Like this:

How do I assign a role to a speaker?

You can do this when editing either the session or the speaker. For example when you edit a speaker you can choose their role for a specific session using this drop down:

How do I ask for speaker roles in my CFP?

You can ask your submitter to assign roles to speakers when they create a submission. For example you might want them to submit a chair and the panelists for the session.

Create the CFP normally, then dive into the Form Designer and add this question

If, for example. you want your submitters to create at least one Chair and two Panellists, you can enforce this by configuring the question. You can also hide roles from the submitter, in this example the ‘Moderator’ role is hidden.

Can I ask additional questions for specific roles?

Yes you can do this with display rules. For example When the submitter is adding their Chair you can ask them what prior experience they have of chairing sessions. To show that question to the Chair and not the Panellist’s you can add a ‘Display Rule’ like so:

How do I filter all speakers by role?

In the list of speakers click the ‘sessions’ filter and you can select the roles you want to filter by. For example:

Note that if there are no speakers with a specific role the role will not show in the filter.

How do I indicate some roles will not be involved in the presentation of sessions?

By default all speakers associated with a session are required to be available for the session to be marked green on the agenda planning board. This means that:

  • The speaker is not also speaking on another session at the same time (including the ‘Changeover time’ for both sessions). This ensures they are not doubled booked.
  • The speaker is available to be at the event as that time.

You may have roles where you don’t require this check. For example you might have a role where the speaker is not actually involved in the presentation, such as a co-author, or nominator.

To turn off the availability check browse to ‘Agenda Planning’ / ‘Speakers’ then scroll down to ‘Roles’.

You will then see this column, and can toggle the option on/off for each role.

How do I exclude some roles from requiring the Speaker to confirm?

If you enable Speaker Confirmation by default all roles will require confirmation. If you have roles that will not be presenting, for example ‘Co-Authors’ or ‘Mentor’ you can configure the role to not require confirmation.

To do this browse to ‘Agenda Planning’ / ‘Speakers’ then scroll down to ‘Roles’.

You will then see this column, and can toggle the option on/off for each role. Note that you will not see this column if you have not enabled Speaker Confirmation


Do speaker roles show up in integrations?

Speaker Roles will only be shown in the Lineup Ninja Agenda. They are not currently available in any of the integrations.