Speaker Ordering

How are Speakers ordered?

When a Session has multiple Speakers, Lineup Ninja gives you a few options for how to order them.

Firstly, if you are not using Speaker Roles, and just want your speakers to be sorted by First Name, then you can stop reading here: this is the default!

There are a few things to consider when thinking about the Speaker Ordering:

  • Whether you are using Speaker Roles
  • The order of the Speakers in the submission (if they were all created in the same submission)
  • The order of the Speakers as they are displayed in Agenda Planning
  • How you will publish your agenda: either to the Lineup Ninja Agenda App or via an integration

How do Roles affect Speaker Ordering?

When you create a Speaker Role (e.g. Chair, Panelist), you can choose the order the roles will be shown. For example, you may wish to show ‘Chair’ before the ‘Panelists’.

To set this order, navigate to Speakers  and scroll to ‘Speaker Roles’. You can drag Speaker Roles up and down to change the order.

How are speakers ordered when I publish my agenda?

The ability to control the order of speakers varies by the publication or integration you are using.

The full set of available options are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role, then First Name
  • Role, then Last Name
  • Role, then Speaker Order, then First Name (only shown if you have toggled on the option on the list Speakers page)
  • Role, then Speaker Order, then Last Name (only shown if you have toggled on the option on the list Speakers page)

For Blendr.id, Eventscase, Snöball, Sector Global please contact them directly.

Publication / IntegrationFirst NameLast NameRole, First NameRole, Last NameRole, Order, First Name,Role, Order, Last Name
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