ZIP Report

What is a Zip Report?

A ZIP report places the files attached to your submissions in a Zip file. You can use it to download files in bulk.


If you want to generate links to files, rather than a zip of the files themselves, you can use a Spreadsheet Report.

How do I create a Zip report?

  • Navigate to ‘Submission Flows’, click the name of the flow and click the ‘Submission Reports’ menu item.

  • Click ‘Create Report’ for the ‘ZIP’ option.

  • You will see a screen to configure the report. This is similar to the Spreadsheet Report.

    • By default all uploaded files will be included.
    • You can choose to customize the report and only include answers to particular questions.
    • You can optionally choose the path and filename for the files in the generated report, by default the following patterns will be used:
      • Speaker Files: {{title}}/{{speaker}}/{{question}}/{{filename}}
      • Submission Files: {{title}}/{{section}}/{{question}}/{{filename}}
      • Reviewer Files: {{title}}/{{reviewer}}/{{question}}/{{filename}}
      • To choose a different directory structure choose ‘A custom filename’ and use the placeholders to specify your requirements
  • Once you are happy with the configuration press ‘Save’

  • To run the report click ‘Run’, the report will generated and will appear in a list titled ‘Generated Reports’. Click the ‘Download’ button to download the report.