Awards Submission Stages/Email Templates

Submission Stages

Submission Stages are the stages that a submission will progress through as it is completed and reviewed. These are fully customisable and many features can be automated.

We recommend starting with your Submission Stages because once these are configured, you will know what email templates you would like to create for each stage.

You can also show/hide different sections of the Form Designer depending on which stage the submission is in.

We provide a default flow for Awards Submission Flows, which will generate the following stages:

Once you have selected the Awards Submission Flow, you can customise these as with normal Submission Flows. For further information on this, please follow this link.

Email Templates

Next, you will want to set up the Email Templates. These are customised scheduled and triggered emails that will be sent to submitters in the various Submission Stages.

For more information about Email Templates, please follow this link.


You may want to set deadlines to each Submission Stage. For more information on how to add deadline, please follow this link.

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