Email Templates

Within Lineup Ninja, you are able to create customised email templates to send to submitters and speaker. These can be configured to be triggered/scheduled within Email Templates/Submission Stages to go out as a submission progresses through stages.

For Submission Flows, you can configure emails in two locations:

  1. Email Templates - In this section, you can configure the email branding and edit template emails for your submission stages.
  2. Submission Stages - You can also view and edit your emails within the Submission Stages section of Lineup Ninja.

Both of routes will ultimately get you to the same place, it just depends on what is easier for you!

If you have the Speaker Portal activated for your event, you can also configure emails for this. For more information, follow this link.

For an overview about Email Templates for Submission Flows, please watch video below.


Learn how to add branding to your automated emails

Editing & Sending

Learn how to add edit and send your automated emails.

Ensuring Email Delivery

Learn how to avoid emails ending up in junk.

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