Awards Review Stages/Reviewers

In Lineup Ninja, running a review process facilitates gathering feedback on submissions, or entries in the context of awards. You may want to gather feedback from independent reviewers, committee members, subject matter experts, or other members of your team.

Within the review process, you can customise the form to ask reviewers to score submissions, recommend which ones to accept/decline and give feedback to submitters.

You can run multiple rounds, or ‘stages’, of review (e.g. you may want to run an initial wide review, then follow up round where your team reviews the results of the first round).

Watch the short video below for an overview of the Review process.

Introduction To Reviews Video (Coming Soon)

Below are links to several sections that will help you conduct a review process, and what those sections will cover:

Create & Manage Reviews

  • Starting a review process
  • Configuring the form
  • Editing email templates

Assign Reviewers

  • Adding reviewers
  • Assigning reviewers to reviews
  • Track review progress
  • Nudge reviewer to finish their reviews

Review Feedback

  • Viewing and downloading review feedback
  • Managing the visibility of feedback

Next - Publishing/Managing Submissions

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