Submission Deadlines

How do I set or change the deadlines for my Submission Stages?

  1. Navigate to Submission Flows  >  Publish Flow
  2. Scroll to ‘Submission Deadlines
  3. Click   to edit the deadlines for each stage of your Submission Flow

On the first line of the table you can set a deadline for creating new draft submissions. Usually this will match the deadline for completing a draft, but you can set a later deadline for actually completing the draft if you want your submitters to be given a grace period.

What happens when a deadline has passed?

For each Submission Stage, you can configure what will happen once the deadline has passed:

  1. Navigate to Submission Flows  >  Submission Stages
  2. Under each Submission Stage tab, scroll to ‘View of a Submission’, where you will see two tabs: ‘Before Deadline’ & ‘After Deadline
  3. Click ‘After Deadline’ to configure what the Submitter will see once the deadline has passed

By default, all stages show this message:

Deadline expired text

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