Agenda App & Website

Where can I publish my agenda to?

You can publish your agenda to several places:

  1. a Lineup Ninja web app that we host for you at This can be embedded in your event website by using an iFrame.
  2. a ‘JSON endpoint’ - this allows web developers to pull the agenda data into your event’s website, so it can be formatted exactly as you’d like it.
  3. a 3rd party mobile app.

How do I publish my agenda app?

  1. Navigate to Agenda Planning
  2. click on ‘Publish Agenda’ in the right-hand menu
  3. Choose the relevant publication type:
  4. This will take you to a page where you can configure the publication:
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your event
  6. Save your publication
  7. Publish your publication
  8. If you make changes to your agenda after publishing it, you will see a notification icon next to the ‘Publish Agenda’ menu item. This is to remind you that you have un-published changes.
  9. You can re-publish your publication at any time.

How do I publish different versions of the agenda for attendees and event staff?

Simply follow the steps for How do I publish my agenda app? to create multiple publications, and give each one a different name. You can configure them differently too, so for example, the agenda app for your event staff could include speaker or sessions notes like “Needs a wheelchair ramp at the stage 10 minutes before session starts”

Will updates I make in the agenda planner go live immediately?

No, you will need to navigate into the ‘Publish Agenda’ page and click on ‘publish’ for the relevant publication.

When I publish updates, will they appear in real-time?

Published changes will appear in the Lineup Ninja web app within 2 minutes.

Can I send push notifications via the Lineup Ninja web app?

No, the Lineup Ninja web app doesn’t support push notifications.

What is JSON?

JavaScript object notation - so now you know! :)