Agenda App & Website

Where can I publish my agenda to?

You can publish your agenda to several places:

  1. a Lineup Ninja web app that we host for you at This can be embedded in your event website by using an iFrame.
  2. a ‘JSON endpoint’ - this allows web developers to pull the agenda data into your event’s website, so it can be formatted exactly as you’d like it.
  3. a 3rd party mobile app.

How do I publish my agenda app?

  1. Navigate to Agenda Planning
  2. click on ‘Publish Agenda’ in the right-hand menu
  3. Choose the relevant publication type:
  4. This will take you to a page where you can configure the publication:
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your event
  6. Save your publication
  7. Publish your publication
  8. If you make changes to your agenda after publishing it, you will see a notification icon next to the ‘Publish Agenda’ menu item. This is to remind you that you have un-published changes.
  9. You can re-publish your publication at any time.

Will updates I make in the agenda planner go live immediately?

No, think of the agenda planner as your workspace, you can make any changes you need without impacting your published data. When you are ready to publish navigate into the ‘Publish Agenda’ page and click on ‘publish’ for the relevant publication.

When I publish updates, will they appear in real-time?

Published changes will appear in the Lineup Ninja web app within 2 minutes.

How can my attendees save their sessions

There are two options you can enable in the agenda app.

When enabled the attendee will see these options when viewing a session

If you enable favorites the attendee can favorite sessions and they will show up in a list like this.

If you are integrating another app for your attendee experience you may wish to leave favorites disabled as they will not appear in the 3rd party application. They only show in the browser the attendee used to favorite the session.

How can my attendees share interesting sessions on social media?

If you wish you can allow your attendees to easily share their sessions on social media channels.

To enable the feature refer to these options in the configuration

When enabled the attendee will see these options when viewing a session

The first option simply enables or disables the feature.

When the attendee chooses to share by Twitter or E-mail the text will be pre-populated using the template on the second option. For example it will look like this for Twitter:

When the attendee chooses to share by Facebook or Linked In then the title of the page is used. You can configure this using the template in the third option. For example it will look like this for Facebook:

Note that when the attendee chooses to share via Facebook or Linked In they will be presented with the standard Linked In or Facebook share button after they click the link on the session page. This is to prevent these services from potentially tracking attendees who may not wish to interact with these services.

How do I publish different versions of the agenda for attendees and event staff?

Simply follow the steps for How do I publish my agenda app? to create multiple publications, and give each one a different name. You can configure them differently too, so for example, the agenda app for your event staff could include speaker or sessions notes like “Needs a wheelchair ramp at the stage 10 minutes before session starts”

Can I send push notifications via the Lineup Ninja web app?

No, the Lineup Ninja web app doesn’t support push notifications.

What is JSON?

JavaScript object notation - so now you know! :)