Team Roles

There are currently five roles to help ensure the members of your team have access to the correct data relating to your events.

  1. Admin: Admin users have the highest level of control. They can add other users and edit their permissions. Every team must have at least one admin user, who is able to act as a legal representative for the client organisation. As the top level user, they can also do everything that the other user types can…

  2. Event Manager: Event Managers are able to create and edit events, CFPs, publications and integrations. Event managers can add CFP Reviewer users - see below. Event Managers can design and publish Call for Papers forms, set deadlines, communicate with submitters and reviewers. They can see all the CFP reviewers’ responses and scores. This role is typically used for the content manager, or chair of the review committee in the case of scientific conferences. Event managers can also be CFP reviewers, in which case their reviews will be visible from within their team home page.


Event Managers have the power to delete events and CFPs - this could be a LOT of data, and Lineup Ninja cannot guarantee that it can be restored. So we recommend that you make Event Managers aware of what they can do!

  1. Event Viewer: Event Viewers are read-only users. They have access to see all the data that the Event Manager can see - Call for Papers, submissions, internal notes, the draft agenda, speakers’ and reviewers’ data. However, event viewers cannot edit or delete any data. This role is typically used for users such as AV technicians who need access to download slides, but who do not need to update anything.

Event Viewers have access to other users’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  1. CFP reviewer: CFP Reviewers can have submissions assigned to them, along with any review questions that have been defined by the Event Manager. They can see a list of assigned (i.e. pending) submissions as well as submissions that have previously reviewed.

  2. Disabled: These users cannot log in to Lineup Ninja. Typically used for ex-team members whose access you wish to revoke.