Flow Deadlines

How do I set or change the deadline on my Submission Flow?

  1. Navigate to your Submission Flow
  2. Click on Publish Flow

Using this table you can set different deadlines for each stage of your Submission Flow.

On the fist line of the table you can set a deadline for creating new draft submissions. Usually this will match the deadline for completing a draft, but you can set an later deadline for actually completing the draft if you want your submitters to be given a grace period.

The remaining rows show the deadline for each stage of the submission. You can use different deadlines for different stages, for example you may want a different deadline for submitting an initial proposal, compared to completing it.

What happens when the deadline has passed?

On the submitters list of submissions:

  • If the ‘New submissions can be created’ deadline has passed the ‘Create New Submission’ button will disappear.

  • If the submitter has a submission in a stage that has passed the deadline they will see it ‘Deadline has expired’ section. You can configure the language in Branding .

For an individual submission:

  • The submitter will see the ‘After Deadline’ experience for that stage. You can configure this by navigating to Submission Stages , choosing the stage name and selecting the ‘After Deadline’ tab in ‘View of a Submission’. By default all stages show this message: