Form Designer

What is the Form Designer?

The Form Designer is where you configure the questions that your submitters will answer.

To navigate to the form designer browse to Submission Flows then click the name of your flow and then choose Form Designer from the menu, or the checklist.

How are Speaker and Session Details different?

The important difference between the ‘Speaker Details’ section and the ‘Session Details’ section is that you can configure the flow to allow multiple speakers. This will allow the submitter to repeat the ‘Speaker Details’ section, once for each of their speakers.

Do I have to have Speaker and Session sections?

No, you can delete a section by editing the questions in that section, and using the trash can to delete the questions. Once you have deleted all the questions you can delete the section.

If you do not have a ‘Session Title’ question you risk not having a useful title for your submissions. To resolve this you can use answers to other questions to set the submission title. To do this edit a question and tick ‘Include answer in title of submission’ and save the question.

Can I rename 'Speaker Details' and 'Session Details'

Yes, to rename the sections use the ‘edit’ pencil icon next to the section names. For speakers you will also see the option to change the language used to refer to speakers, for example ‘Panelist’.

Can a submitter add multiple speakers?

You can choose whether a submitter can add multiple speakers. By default they are limited to just one per submission, but if you would like them to be able to offer sessions with multiple speakers then switch ‘Allow Multiple Speakers Per Submission’ on.

Can I limit the number of submissions one person can create?

By default we do not limit the number of submissions per submitter. To limit the number of speakers submitted by one submitter edit ‘Maximum Submissions Per Submitter’ to the limit you want.

The limit will set the maximum number of submissions a Lineup Ninja account can create. An individual has one account per email address.

How do I add multiple choice questions?

In the Form Designer:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the relevant section and click on New Speaker/Submission Question.
  2. Next to ‘QuestionType’ you will see a drop down menu box that defaults to ‘Short Answer (One Line)’.
  3. Click on this box to bring up the menu and select either ‘Choose Many’ or ‘Choose One’, depending on whether you want users to select only one or several answers.

Can I add a file upload question?

Yes. In the Form Designer:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the relevant section and click on New Speaker/Submission Question.
  2. Next to ‘QuestionType’ you will see a drop down menu box that defaults to ‘Short Answer (One Line)’.
  3. Click on this box to bring up the menu and select ‘File Upload’

What file types can users upload?

You can upload files of any type.

Are there any size limits for uploaded files?

No, you can upload files of any size.

Do you check uploaded files for viruses?

Yes, all files are virus-checked when they are uploaded.

How do I make a question show (or not) depending on the answer to a previous question?

In the question that you would like to be displayed (or not), set up a ‘Display Rule’.

This allows you to choose from the list of valid previous questions, then choose some qualifying condition like “is at least one of”, and then supply the answers that must be matched.

You can even add multiple rules together: Multiple rules in action

When you add multiple rules you can choose whether the question should show if all rules are met, or if any rules are met.

I have a subject category list and want to add 'other' with the ability for the person completing it to add a category - how do I do this?

If you are creating a multiple choice question and want to add ‘other’, you can:

  1. Add ‘Other’ as an option to that question: Example of an “other” option

  2. add another text type question that asks for the details and add a Display Rule so that the ‘other’ text question only shows when the submitter has chosen ‘Other’ in the multiple choice question, you can then also mark this as ‘required if shown’: Example of a display rule


We recommend that you use the ‘Track’ question to capture subject categories.

Can I add a formatted text question?

At the moment you can only use plain text. Users can, however, use ‘Markdown’ syntax to format text in any text questions. Here’s a simple guide to Markdown sytnax.

I want to ask for a speaker's postal address?

You can either present a ‘Paragraph’ question which gives the user a space they can type their address in whichever format suits them. If you need more formal address parts, eg house number, street name etc… we that you use the Multiple Values question for this. You can add an item for each part of the address like so:

Multiple Values options for an address

I want to ask submitters to list several learning outcomes. Can I create a numbered list type of question?

We recommend that you use the Multiple Values question for this. You can make each outcome required or not. For example you may wish to make the first one required and the others optional. Example of Learning Outcome Questions

I want to ask for the size or quantity of something?

You can use the Multiple Values question to ask the submitter for multiple numbers. Change the ‘Type of Data’ to ‘Numbers’ and then you can set a minium and maximum and also add units if you wish.

You could use this to ask for the size of something, as in the below example, or you could use it for a simple order form asking for a quantity of each time.

Example of using Multiple Values for dimensions

Can I delete questions that I’ve tested and don’t like/work. Or do I just click on the eye icon to hide them?

You can hide them at any time, but during testing you can reset everything by clicking the ‘Unpublish’ button on the publish page, this will delete all test submissions and reset the CFP so you can delete questions.


Use with caution: Unpublishing your call for papers will delete a LOT of data that you cannot retrieve!

Can I create a matrix of Likert Scale questions?

Likert Scale questions are in the product roadmap. In the meantime, the best way to do this is to create a series of “choose 1” multiple choice questions, like this: Example of Likert Question

How do I change the text of the section headings?

In the form designer, click on the grey pencil icon to the right of the section heading. This will pop-up a dialogue box that allows you to edit the section heading text.