Flow Branding

How do I add branding to my Submission Flows?

  1. From the Event Home Page, click on Submission Flows menu item.
  2. Click on the name of the Submission Flow you want to edit.
  3. Click on the Branding menu item.
  4. You can now add a header images, edit the title, body text and buttons on the following pages:
    1. Landing Page
    2. Login page
    3. List of Submissions

Why does my Submission Flow landing page have branding, but my login page and list of submissions don’t?

You have only applied branding to your landing page. On the branding page under the Call for Papers, scroll down to configure the login page and Submission Flow.

What’s the best size for my header images?

You can provide two images, one for narrow devices like mobile phones held in portrait, and one for wider devices like laptops.

For the image for Wide Devices we recommend something around 1920 x 320

For the image for Narrow Devices we recommend something around 640 x 320

You do not have to upload both a wide and narrow image. If you upload only one image we recommend something around 1200 x 300.

Can I upload high resolution (High DPI) images?

Yes, just upload the high resolution image. Lineup Ninja will downscale the image for submitters that do not have a High DPI compatible device.

The logo on my Submission Flow is way too big, what’s the best solution for that?

Lineup Ninja will resize whatever image you upload so that it fills the full width of the page. This means that if you use a square image, it will look HUGE!

We recommend creating a blank files with the background colour that you want, one around 1920 x 320, and another around 640 x 320 and paste your logo onto them.