Create Flow


You can run unlimited Submission Flows per event!

When viewing an event, click on Submission Flows on the left-hand menu

This brings you to the Submission Flows home page. The first item on this page is a list of Submission Flows associated with the event.

  1. Click on the blue plus button to create a new Submission Flow.
  2. This will display a popup asking you for the name of the Submission Flow asking a few things.
    1. The name of the Submission Flow - This name will be shared with submitters in the email templates. You can change the templates to use a different name if you need to.
    2. A deadline. This is optional, if you set one it will prevent the creation of new submissions, or the completion of draft or invited submissions after the date. You do not have to set one now, you can change them later.
    3. The type of Submission Flow you would like to create. If you are new to Lineup Ninja and experimenting with the product, choose ‘Open Call For Papers’. TODO: Link to more details
  3. Once you happy with you selections just click ‘Create Flow’