Lineup Ninja can publish your schedule into an Grip application. You can perform an initial import of your schedule then publish it again whenever you have new changes ready to go.

The Lineup Ninja / Grip integration has some sophisticated features to enable you to easily map your Lineup Ninja session and speaker content to Grip users, exhibitors and sponsors.

It is strongly recommended you engage Lineup Ninja support to configure this integration, we can then work with Grip to ensure the integration will run smoothy and that you know how to make the most out of it.

Importing Grip Data

The Grip integration can link your agenda content to two different types of things in Grip. Companies and Profiles.

Mapping Speakers

Lineup Ninja can match the data you have in your agenda with the registration data in Grip. This means that speaker bio’s and headshots will be updated and their will be linked to their sessions automatically.

For this to work Lineup Ninja needs to import the registration data from Grip and then match it to the agenda data in Lineup Ninja. Please see the Sources documentation for configuration.

Mapping Sponsors

In Grip sessions can be sponsored by a Company. This could be a sponsor for a seminar or the exhibitor delivering the session etc.

Similarly to mapping speakers Lineup Ninja can import the sponsor data from Grip and then attempt to automatically match the sponsors to sessions based on the company name of the speakers. Please see the Sources documentation for configuration.

A few things to be aware of

A few things you should be aware of regarding this integration:

  • Lineup Ninja will only configure bio’s and headshots for speakers in Grip while they are a ‘Registration’ and only if the fields have not already been set by the Grip import of the registration data. Once the speaker activates their Grip account we will no longer make changes for that speaker.
  • Lineup Ninja will not automatically delete items that have been created in Grip. We will instead send you an email to advise you to delete them in the Grip interface.

Create the integration

In your Lineup Ninja event, click the ‘Publish’ menu item and then click the ‘Integrate’ button under ‘Grip’. This will create a new integration.

Fill in the required fields, Grip will advise you of the Event ID and API Token.

If you are connecting the agenda data to Grip Sponsors and Speakers then choose the data sources you have configured above.

Depending on your Grip configuration you may want your speakers to have a different type ID from a regular visitor or exhibitor representative. You can configure this by setting pairs of type id’s to switch between.

For example if you have these type ID’s in Grip

  • Exhibitor Representative - 1111
  • Exhibitor Representative Speaker - 2222
  • Visitor - 3333
  • Visitor Speaker - 4444

Then you can configure the field ‘Update Speakers to New Type Ids’ like so


I.e pairs of ‘initial type id’:‘new id’, then separated by commas.

Publishing your schedule

To update the schedule in Grip the schedule needs to be published.

To publish your schedule just click the ‘Publish’ button!

Tracks and Locations

When you publish to Grip for the first time the integration will look for existing tracks and locations that match the name of your tracks and locations in Lineup Ninja. If they exist in Grip they will be used, otherwise new tracks and locations will be created