Lineup Ninja can publish your schedule into an Attendify mobile application. You can perform an initial import of your schedule then publish it again whenever you have new changes ready to go.

Create the integration

In your Lineup Ninja event, click the ‘Publish’ menu item and then click the ‘Integrate’ button under ‘Attendify’. This will create a new integration.

Take a note at the ‘Data Source’ value, you will need to cut and paste this into the Attendify interface.

There are also two fields ‘Token’ and ‘Secret’ that you will need to copy from the Attendify interface and paste into Lineup Ninja before the integration will work. These values ensure that your information is secure and can only be shared with your Attendify mobile app.

Configure Attendify

Firstly you need to create a mobile application in Attendify and then add an integration. See their Quick Start guide for details. You will create the integration via the Attendify ‘Developers Dashboard’ but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer, you just need to be able to copy and paste a few things.

When you get to Step 2 in the Attendify guide, copy and paste the ‘Token’ and ‘Secret’ values from the Attendify interface into Lineup Ninja and press ‘Save and Publish’. You can now paste the ‘Data Source’ link into Attendify and click the ‘Check’ button. This will validate that the data can be read by Attendify.

Publishing your schedule

To update the schedule in Attendify the schedule needs to be published and then Attendify need to request it to read any changes.

To publish your schedule just click the ‘Publish’ button in the Attendify integration in Lineup Ninja, this will publish your data in the required format.

Now browse to the integration in the Attendify Developers Dashboard. You can either sync data manually, which is the default, or you can press the ‘Auto Sync’ button in the Attendify interface. This will instruct Attendify to automatically check for updates to your schedule every 15 minutes. If you choose ‘Auto Sync’ you still need to ‘Publish’ changes in the Lineup Ninja interface, this ensures that you only show changes to your attendees when you are ready for them to be shared.

Not seeing the data appear in your Attendify app? In the Attendify Developers Dashboard, try turning off auto sync, then syncing manually, then turning autosync back on.