Lineup Ninja can publish your schedule into an ASP website. You can perform an initial import of your schedule then publish it again whenever you have new changes ready to go.

A couple of things to note before you start:

  • If you delete a speaker, session or track in Lineup Ninja it will be marked as ‘inactive’ in ASP.
  • After publishing it may take up to 15 minutes for the change to be shown in all places in the ASP site.
  • The times for your sessions in Lineup Ninja will be published in the time zone you have configured for the event.
  • Only scheduled sessions will be published. You can optionally choose to only include confirmed sessions if you wish.
  • If you unschedule a session you have previously published in ASP it will be marked ‘inactive’ until you schedule it again.
  • Lineup Ninja can either create a new Seminar, using the name of your event, or you can provide an existing Seminar ID.

Create the integration

In your Lineup Ninja event, click the ‘Publish’ menu item and then click the ‘Integrate’ button under ‘ASP’. This will create a new integration.

Fill in the form with the required details. These will be given to you by ASP. Specifically you will need

  • An API Key
  • A Secret
  • A Site ID
  • Optionally A Seminar ID. If you do not provide one it will be created automatically.

Adding Speaker Categories

The integration can be configured so that Labels assigned to Speakers map though to Categories on ASP.

To map to a category in ASP it must be a child category.

To add a mapping to a Label you add a special tag into the notes field for the label.

Start by navigating to the Label you would like to map and then edit the notes field.

The code you need to add indicates either the name of the parent and child category, the code of the category, or both.

For example if you have a parent category of ‘Speaker Type’ and a child category of ‘Speaker’, and you know the code for the category is 123 then use this value somewhere within the notes:

    ASP_CATEGORY(Speaker Type/Speaker:123)

If you do not know the code, then you can leave that out like so

    ASP_CATEGORY(Speaker Type/Speaker)

If you think you may rename the category in ASP then you can map to the code only, for example


Publishing your schedule

To update the schedule in ASP the schedule needs to be published. This will update the data in ASP.

To publish your schedule just click the ‘Publish’ button!